Doing the Right Thing

Marianne Powers








Albuquerque, NM



Why do we fight?

Because we’re not being treated

the way we want to be treated.


What do we want?

Respect for our strengths

and compassion for our weaknesses.


How do we give that to others and get it for ourselves?

Doing the Right Thing contains 21 perspectives

anyone can use to create better relationships

with people at work, or anywhere.





Doing the Right Thing and Achieving All Your Goals at the Same Time

Full Book Outline:


---People Are What They Are and It's Irrelevant Anyway
---We Don't Know What Other People Are Capable of Achieving
---People Are Not Accountable for Their Thoughts and Feelings
---We Don't Know What Other People are Thinking and Feeling
---People Are Accountable for Their Words and Actions
---Assume Everyone is Doing the Best They Can
---Assume Everyone Has a Good Reason for What They Say and Do

---Listen Very Carefully
---Welcome Information, Criticism is Information
---If You Have a Choice, Don't Choose to be Hurt
---Examine Your Motives
---Targeting Problems is Good, Targeting People is Evil
---If You Want Someone to Do Something for You, You Have to Be Completely on Their Side
---When People Don't Understand, Listen Better

---State Your Position Clearly and Ask for What You Want Specifically
---Tell Them Even If You Know They Won't Understand
---All You Can Do is Tell Them, You Can't Make Anyone Do Anything
---When People Don't Meet Your Expectations, Change Your Expectations
---Give Them 100 Tries to Get It Right
---If They Can't Get It Right in 100 Tries, There Must Be Something Wrong with the Procedure
---Teach Everyone to Do Everything



“Office Politics” for Life in the USA Magazine

“We Are Who We Are” for The Albuquerque Tribune



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